Ed Joffe Interviewed by Sean Perrin

Sean Perrin

My first foray into the world of pod casting came as a result of a former student of mine, Dustyn Richardson, recommending me to clarinetist Sean Perrin for his series of online interviews. Sean is the creator of Clarineat.com, a website that features pod casts related to the world of clarinet playing. (Sean and Dustyn are both excellent young woodwind professionals who hail from Canada and share a deep love for a diverse repertoire of music.) After Sean had expressed an interest in having me on his interview series, I sent him a copy of my book Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute and CD entitled Contrasts. (Sean is also a doubler of sorts—he plays clarinet and marimba—and displays his talents on his new CD, Dreamsongs.) He liked them enough to offer me the opportunity to talk about those products as well as the life of a multiple woodwind player in today’s changing music industry. What was supposed to be a one-hour session morphed into a three-hour interview conducted over Skype and now offered in three-parts. I hope you find the interviews entertaining and helpful. A brief description of each part follows:

Episode 17: Careers in Woodwind Doubling, Inspirational Teachers, & Recording a CD

I discuss my musical background and influential teachers, focusing especially on Eddie Daniels. The world of woodwind doubling in today’s world and how I came to record my new CD, Contrasts, is also talked about.
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Episode 18: History of Woodwind Doubling, Fundamentals for Multiple Woodwind Playing, & Tips for Clarinetists

In this episode, we examine the history of woodwind doubling dating back to the days of J.S. Bach. I talk in detail about the physical differences involved while approaching the single-reed instruments as well as stories regarding Joe Allard and Charlie Parker. Finally, we explore various aspects of my woodwind doubling book.
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Episode 19: Working and Surviving on Broadway; Reed Tips

In this final section of the interview, I present my views on the musical theater work that emanates from Broadway shows. Topics include the changing nature of theater work in the 20th/21st centuries; how one gets work on Broadway; how to stay musically engaged while playing a long running show; and how to work on and maintain one’s reeds.
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