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Biographical Materials Describing Ed Joffe’s Performance and Teaching Career

Ed Joffe Interviewed by Sean Perrin

My first foray into the world of pod casting came as a result of a former student of mine, Dustyn Richardson, recommending me to clarinetist Sean Perrin for his series of online interviews. Sean is the creator of, a website that features pod casts related to the world of clarinet playing. (Sean and Dustyn are both excellent young woodwind professionals who hail from Canada and share a deep love for a diverse repertoire of music.) After Sean had expressed an interest in having me on his interview series, I sent him a copy of my book Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute and CD entitled Contrasts. (Sean is also a doubler of sorts—he plays clarinet and marimba—and displays his talents on his new CD, Dreamsongs.) He liked them enough to offer me the opportunity to talk about those products as well as the life of a multiple woodwind player in today’s changing music industry. What was supposed to be a one-hour session morphed into a three-hour interview conducted over Skype and now offered in three-parts. I hope you find the interviews entertaining and helpful. A brief description of each part follows:Continue reading 

A Man of Multiple Talents

Dr. Edward Joffe: A Man of Multiple Talents
A 2009 Interview by Joseph d’Auguste

It is said that the person at the top influences all those below him. In that case New Jersey City University is most fortunate to have Dr. Edward Joffe at the helm of the Woodwind and Jazz departments. He is a man saturated not only in musical talent but in great wisdom and experience. Passing on the traditions of the truly great woodwind teachers of generations before him, he offers his knowledge to all those who seek it. For the serious music student, this is so much more than just a college degree. It is an opportunity to work with one of the last true woodwind pedagogues in our country still actively performing and teaching. Being both a city university as well as a conservatory graduate, having worked with some of the greatest orchestras and performers of our time, he gives an honest appraisal of where music is headed today. He can guide the music student of the future to the best education available at a time when college costs are often prohibitive. His students not only rise to the top as artists but also find their own personal road to success in the music industry via his guidance. The following interview gives you a vantage point one seldom sees of their professors and insight to what the man is truly about. His overwhelming sense of humor is only surpassed by his dedication in helping his students grow both in ability and preparedness. Seeking a faculty of the highest caliber and a sense of professional ethics, students of Dr. Joffe and his staff at NJCU are ready to meet the challenges of a professional musical artist’s career. Continue reading