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Details of Ed Joffe’s Performance, Masterclass and Clinic Calendar Listings

October 2019 Woodwind Doubling Masterclass

Tuesday, 10/29/2019 (7-10pm)

Yamaha Artists Services 
689 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10022 

Fee: $40

Special Guest: Tomoji Hirakata—Yamaha Repair Specialist

Woodwind Topic: How To Improve the Breathing Process
Sax Section Doubling: Holiday from the Sauter-Finegan Band
Musical Theater Doubling: Fosse

This session will focus on the breathing process and ways to improve this important technique. The breathing process affects every aspect of fine wind playing and participants are asked to bring their breathing bag and breath builder device. Performers will be asked to play one of the following excerpts as a means to demonstrate their approach to the breathing process.

Clarinet: Brahms Sonata in F minor (2nd mvt.)
Flute: J.S. Bach Partita, (3rd mvt.—Sarabande)
Saxophone: Bizet L’Arlésienne Suite #1 (solos)

The woodwind doubling performances will focus on Holiday from the Sauter-Finegan big band as well as several Ralph Burns/Doug Besterman arrangements from the musical, Fosse.

*Please contact Ed prior to the class to discuss what saxophones/clarinets/flutes you will need to bring.

December 2019 Woodwind Doubling Masterclass

Monday, 12/09/2019 (7:00-10pm)
330 7th Ave (28/29th St) Rm. 711
Fee: $40

Woodwind Topic: Embouchure Considerations for Single Reeds
Commercial Woodwind Doubling: Ambulatory Suite
Musical Theater Doubling: Damn Yankees

This session will focus on the most efficient ways to approach the varying embouchures for the single reeds with respect to multiple woodwind performance. The following selections will be used to as a litmus test for employing different embouchures quickly as one switches from a saxophone—flute—clarinet within the course of each musical excerpt. The works to be used are:

Saint-Saens: The Swan (from Moyse Tone Development)
Ferling: Famous Solos Etude #3

The demands of commercial woodwind doubling will be examined in the woodwind parts from Nelson Riddle’s Ambulatory Suite and Doug Besterman’s arrangements from the musical, Damn Yankees.

*Please contact Ed prior to the class to discuss what saxophones/clarinets/flutes you will need to bring.

September 2019 Woodwind Doubling Masterclass

Monday, 9/23/2019 (7:00-10pm)
330 7th Ave (28/29th St) Rm. 706
Fee: $40

Woodwind Topic: How To Improve Articulation
Sax Section Doubling: Music of Thad Jones
Musical Theater Doubling: Victor Victoria

This session will focus on how to improve one’s ability to articulate on all single reed instruments and how improving one’s articulation technique also improves the player’s tonal concept. Participants are encouraged to bring breathing bags to the class as a means for exploring this topic. Excerpts from the following studies will serve as a basis for this discussion:

Clarinet: Rose Study #6
Flute: Anderson Op. 15 #9A
Saxophone: Ferling Famous Studies #8

We will look at doubling within the saxophone section. Examples will include the jazz saxophone section writing of Thad Jones in his compositions It Only Happens Every Time and 61st & Rich’ It and the commercial saxophone section writing of Billy Byers from the musical, Victor Victoria.

*Please contact Ed prior to the class to discuss what saxophones/clarinets/flutes you will need to bring.

Woodwind Doubling Clinic at Local 802

The 2017/17 Educational Clinic Series


The Art of Woodwind Doubling
Wednesday Sept. 21, 5 P.M.
Local 802, 322 West 48th Street, NYC

Almost any woodwind gig these days requires some kind of doubling. But how do you keep your chops up on so many instruments? Longtime Local 802 member Ed Joffe will present a free clinic on doubling in commercial, jazz and classical styles. This clinic is designed for professionals, teachers and students.

“Ed, my kids came in today and were really poppin. The whole band noticed. You brought them so much in a very brief amount of time. Thank you so much!”