Woodwind Doubling Clinic

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This video shows excerpts from a clinic I presented at Local 802, AFM in New York on 9/21/16 entitled “The Art of Woodwind Doubling.” During this session, I worked with three different saxophone sections—one from LaGuardia HS of Music & Art; another from Purchase College; and a group of young professional New York doublers. We touched on a variety of topics relevant to woodwind doubling and saxophone section performance including posture, breathing, volume, section blend, embouchure, equipment, in addition to how to practice doubling. I hope you’ll find the video enjoyable and helpful.

“Ed, my kids came in today and were really poppin. The whole band noticed. You brought them so much in a very brief amount of time. Thank you so much!”


Chapter Titles:

  • 00:38 Introductory Remarks & Music
  • 05:30 Volume & Blend
  • 07:10 Practicing As a Section
  • 09:22 Posture & Breathing
  • 17:46 Practicing Doubling
  • 30:08 Sax/Clarinet/Flute Equipment & Embouchure Concepts
  • 41:09 Final Thoughts