Private Lessons

I offer one-on-one lessons and masterclasses online via FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. These lessons and classes are designed to remedy problems that aspiring professionals and full-time professionals might be experiencing on either saxophone, clarinet or flute. My years working in freelance and Broadway pit orchestras; show bands; studio work; performing recitals; presenting clinics and masterclasses; and teaching woodwinds, chamber music, and jazz at universities have given me a perspective that I enjoy sharing.

Concepts related to embouchure; resonance; tone; articulation; ergonomically sound principles related to balancing the instruments and finger technique; and gaining a thorough understanding of the breathing process as it pertains to playing a wind instrument form the basis of my instruction. I have spent a lifetime learning about these while studying with the legendary saxophonist/clarinetist Joe Allard and master flutist, Tom Nyfenger. Their insightful approaches to artistic woodwind playing while viewing each individual as a unique personality had a profound effect on me as a performer and as a teacher. Additional studies with Eddie Daniels, Ron Reuben, Joe Rabbai, Michael Parloff, Peter Simenauer, Paul Dunkel, Bob Mover and Bob Porcelli were very helpful and have also shaped my teaching style.

While I still believe that the most productive lessons for continued long term development are accomplished during in-person meetings, much can be accomplished via the online approach with more established players. All lessons and masterclasses are booked through PayPal. Private lessons are one hour in length. Live masterclasses are bundled in groups of four one-hour weekly presentations. Please see below to create a lesson time. I look forward to working with you.


Please contact Ed to set up your lesson time.