Bob Mover—Bebop Master

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Interview with Bob Mover

I first met Bob Mover in 1978 when I began to study with him. Bob is just a year older than I but he’d already had a lifetime of experience to draw from as a jazz artist and student of the art form. I soon discovered that he also had a tremendous gift for analyzing one’s musical needs and finding clear solutions to those areas of deficiency. In short, he was a natural teacher who was very giving of his time, energy and knowledge. Years later when I was in charge of a university jazz program, it gave me great joy to hire Bob to teach improvisation to the jazz majors. He was beloved by his students there as well. As you will hear in this interview, Bob is a great storyteller whose path to becoming a world-class jazz musician is unusual. I have always thought of Bob as one of the most honest and accomplished jazz improvisers I have ever witnessed. He is someone who is truly committed to the music as a performer and has never wavered from this focus. To contact Bob, email him at OR call him at: 917-593-6199. Also, please check out his website at

Editor’s Note: Bob mentioned after the interview three additional recordings that were very influential in his development: Sonny Rollins’ “The Bridge,” Miles Davis’ “Round Midnight,” and Kenny Dorham’s “Afro-Cuban.”