Charles McPherson on How to Practice Jazz

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Also available as a podcast.

Charles McPherson has been a musical hero of mine for decades. The fact that we have become good friends over the past 15 years has only enhanced my respect for Charles as a musician and as a human being. He is a self-effacing individual who manifests integrity in everything he does and is always available to help others. He cares deeply about his family, jazz, and the world in which we live. All of this infuses his music with a sense of love and profundity not commonly found. He has been a role model to generations of jazz fans and alto saxophonists and is still exploring new avenues of expression within the bebop/post bebop tradition. I think you’ll find this interview enlightening and inspiring. I’m honored to present one of the true legends of jazz and saxophone as part of the Woodwind Legacy Series. For more info about Charles McPherson, please visit his website at