Clarinet Fundamentals with Larry Guy

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Also available as a podcast.

I met Larry Guy a number of years ago while freelancing around New York. Larry was always a colleague in the truest sense of the word—a team player and positive influence in the section whether playing principal, second or auxiliary clarinet. His sense of elegance in playing and professionalism on the job was gleaned from his years of study with some of the great woodwind/musical minds of the 20th Century—Robert Marcellus, Anthony Gigliotti, Kalmen Opperman, Alan Balter, and Marcel Moyse. Larry is the perpetual student—always interested in finding out more and willing to explore new avenues both for himself and his students. If there’s an important clarinet recital, clinic, masterclass, or conference being offered, expect to see Larry there! In this video, he talks about his career development, the changing world of orchestral auditions, equipment, and the fundamentals of air usage and tonguing. I hope you enjoy this interview with this masterful woodwind artist.