Dr. Ron Odrich—Renaissance Man

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I first listened intently to Ron Odrich when I purchased a Music Minus One recording, “Wood on Wood,” in the 1970s that had copies of his solos transcribed by Buddy DeFranco. Already infatuated by DeFranco, Goodman, Shaw & Eddie Daniels’ jazz clarinet playing, I quickly became acquainted with the good doctor’s performances and have remained a fan for the past 40 years. He has become a personal friend and neighbor as well over the past decade and I treasure his knowledge and input on musical and worldly issues–even when we disagree! His commitment to seek improvement in his music making continues to inspire all who know him. His deep understanding of the physiological forces that influence air and tone production that he shares with us in this interview are sure to provide many with a new perspective for playing wind instruments. At 85 years old, Ron remains in excellent health, practices clarinet several hours every day, and maintains a regular yoga routine. He continues to record and perform and his latest album, “I Remember Buddy,” was released in 2015 as a tribute to his dear friend and mentor, Buddy DeFranco. I’ve looked forward to the opportunity to present Ron in the Woodwind Legacy Series and I hope you will find this interview as enjoyable and informative as it was for me. Please check out www.ronodrich.com for more information.