Keith Underwood—Flute Fundamentals

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Also available as a podcast.

I first met Keith when both he and I were studying flute with Tom Nyfenger in the late 1970s. He was one of Tom Nyfenger’s prized students and would sub for Tom on gigs, often with little upfront notice. Nyfenger recognized Keith’s tremendous technical prowess and ability to handle almost any situation without fuss or fanfare. As luck would have it, Keith and I were roommates on a Steve Reich tour in the early 1980s. It was during this tour that he shared some of his thoughts with me on breathing and developing greater resonance in the tone as a result of improving one’s breathing efficiency. His concepts have proven to be invaluable and have helped me as a performer and teacher. Keith continues to evolve in both disciplines and is always seeking new ways to improve the art of wind playing. As a result of his love for studying the great flutists and performers of other generations, he has kept alive a respect for older flutes and performance practices. He’s considered the flute “doctor” by the top pros and has taught many of our major orchestral flute players and serous woodwind doublers at one time or another. Get ready to be wowed by Keith’s passionate discussions of techniques he has learned from masters such as Baker, Rampal, Nyfenger and others.