The Legendary Joe Soldo Speaks

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I had heard about Joe Soldo from my saxophone/clarinet teacher, Joe Allard, some 40 years ago. Soldo was Allard’s dear friend and favorite pupil—a term Mr. Allard liked to use. When I finally met Joe Soldo 12 years ago, I understood why Joe Allard liked him so much. It wasn’t just that Joe Soldo played magnificent lead alto; or played flute with a beautiful “classical” approach; or that he was simply the best musical contractor one could ever hope to work for. It was that Joe Soldo lives for music, is still passionate about music at 91 years of age, and is as honest as they come. Ask Joe a question about anything that he has knowledge of and he will give you a straight answer with no holds barred! You’ll hear that in this video. I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know Joe and he reaffirms why I wanted to be a woodwind doubler—he brings a sense of artistry, elegance and integrity to the profession. Listening to the musical clips at the front & back ends of this video interview will give you a brief taste of his musical and stylistic sensibility. Joe has set a high standard for all of us to work towards. I am thrilled to present a true legend of the music industry.