Paul Edmund-Davies: A Simply Magnificent Flutist

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Interview with Paul Edmund-Davies

I think you’ll find this interview enlightening with regard to Paul’s history with the flute, his commitment to elevating everyone’s passion for flute playing, and the joy he takes in sharing his thoughts and ideas. In our conversation, you’ll find Paul is not your typical orchestral musician and has eclectic musical tastes while espousing an affinity for such diverse artists such as David Bowie, Ben Webster, Snarky Puppy, Jean-Pierre Rampal and Pat Metheny. I believe this has allowed him to develop studies outside of the norm that touch upon every aspect of developing a fine technique and expression.

I first learned of Paul Edmund-Davies through my wife, flutist Jeanne Wilson. She had his 28 Day Warm Up Book on the practice stand for several years in addition to his 1994 recording, Iconic Elements. However, it wasn’t until I attended an online class offered by the New York Flute Center with Paul during the pandemic that I could fully appreciate the work that he has created and the inspiration that he brings to his teaching. I was immediately drawn to his unique approach to the concept of practicing and began working regularly from his Warm-Up Book. I found it to be very helpful and a welcome addition to the more standard Moyse, Taffanel/Gaubert and Anderson exercises that all flutists practice. I then began to purchase additional materials from his website and was increasingly drawn to Paul’s musicality and insightfulness. I hope this will encourage many to become subscribers to I believe that you will become fans of Paul Edmund-Davies, as I have!