Ted Nash—A Musician for All Seasons

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I have known Ted for many years and always regarded him as one of the finest musical talents of my generation. His ability to use various disciplines to inspire his music (art, literary contexts, speeches, etc.) reflects his continuing interest in the world and our society. I have had the opportunity to play with him in commercial situations and always respected his humble, positive attitude and prodigious talent. I have also seen Ted in music education scenarios and he is equally committed to helping young players develop and carry on the tradition of superlative music making that he and his family have given us through the years. Quite simply, Ted is a musician’s musician. Please check out more information about this unique artist on his website at tednash.com.

In this interview, Ted speaks about his multi-dimensional career including work with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Broadway shows, his life as a woodwind doubler, jazz artist and composer. He also demonstrates the process he goes through for developing his jazz improvisations and how he teaches his students. Finally, we discuss his Grammy-Award winning album, “The Presidential Suite,” and his equipment choices for saxophones, clarinets & flutes.