The Contemporary Oboe Doubler

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Also available as a podcast.

This video interview with Rick Heckman & Dan Willis offers rare insight into the world of the double reed doubler. Rick & Dan discuss the nature of what today’s oboe doublers encounter on the job and offer solutions to performance problems. They also describe what they emphasize in their practice routines and demonstrate how they warm-up the oboe. Brief audio examples of their oboe & saxophone abilities are provided before and after the interview.

I met Rick in the early 1980s when we played together in a chamber group. Like myself, he had been a saxophone student of Joe Allard and was a serious student of his woodwind doubles. We became friends instantly and have remained so for over 30 years. His affinity and gift for oboe/English horn has enabled him to become a first-call doubler both on Broadway and in the studios. He is also an excellent teacher of the woodwinds.

Dan and I became friends during the Broadway run of Victor Victoria. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with him in studio and orchestral situations. In addition to being a wonderful doubler on all of the single reeds and oboe/English horn, he is also a top-notch jazz soloist and composer. Dan joined me earlier this year in working on my upcoming CD, Contrasts, and contributed flawless saxophone work in the sax section and as a featured soloist. Like Rick, Dan is a devoted music educator as well.