Simply Flute

Paul Edmund-Davies has been one of the world’s great flutists for generations having served as principal flute of the London Symphony for 20 years; the Philharmonia Orchestra for 5 years; the English National Opera for 2.5 years; and a first-call studio musician in London playing on many Hollywood soundtracks. He has also been an important flute educator and is his educational website. It offers the opportunity to engage in a variety of performing & exercise materials while providing a huge library of studies, teaching notes and videos. This allows flute players of virtually every level the chance to elevate their playing while having FUN.

Paul has created a number of well-received pedagogical books that I believe are among the most important publications since Marcel Moyse’s works and are available through this site. The 28 Day Warm Up Book, A Consequence of Sequences, Book 1, Coffee Noodles, and Daily Exercises emphasize essential fundamentals including Breathing & Phrasing, Finger Technique, Articulation, Intervals and all contain unique, original exercises composed by Paul. They are superb for working the mind and body to cooperate and coordinate while providing a means for breaking down the obstacles that all flute players face. The videos on this site demonstrate how one should practice the exercises in the books as well as the free materials provided for the non-subscribers. Paul’s comments preceding each demonstration are truly insightful and helpful. In essence, one is getting a lesson from Paul and you’ll find him to be a totally engaging and cheerful presence. Finally, original editions of wonderful works by Gallay, Rabboni and Kohler are available for purchase here along with performances of these compositions.

This is one of the finest websites on the internet for musicians and a MUST for all serious flutists and woodwind doublers. It has become my go-to source when I begin my flute practice. While one can have limited access to the website for free, a yearly subscription provides the player with the total experience and only costs $45—An Incredible Bargain! Sign up today and you will thank me. But most of all, you’ll be thanking Paul Edmund-Davies for many years to come.