William Bennett


William Bennett has been one of the world’s greatest flutists for over 60 years. “Wibb,” as he’s referred to throughout the industry, is part of a generation of great English players that includes James Galway and Trevor Wye. His studies with legendary flutists Geoffrey Gilbert, Marcel Moyse. Fernand Cartagé, and Jean-Pierre Rampal led him to develop a style that helped formalize the French school approach to flute playing throughout England and much of Europe. His career has been multi-dimensional: orchestral player, soloist, chamber musician, recording-artist, composer, educator, author, flute maker/innovator, and artist. His accomplishments are so great that it takes a complete website to just list and comprehend them. Fortunately, Williambennettflute.com does just that and more. You’ll find the site all-inclusive and will lead the inquisitive mind to discover all the many Wibb recordings and publications that are available. His biography “Wibb—A Flute for Life;” his approach to flute playing demonstrated in “Mastering the Flute;” and his recordings have given me great enjoyment and influence my daily practice routine. There are also several wonderful interviews that are provided in the Arts section that are must reading. Every serious flutist and woodwind doubler should be familiar with William Bennett’s artistry and this site will make that possible.